What to Bring

Latreille Lake Lodge’s American Plan (for the Main Lodge and Cabin) includes lodging, meals, boats, outboard motors and unlimited fuel. Below is a checklist of items that you should consider bringing prior to your arrival. Click What to Bring for a printable pdf of the list.

  1. Passport: Passports are required to re-enter the United States. More information is available from the Department of Homeland Security at www.dhs.gov. If a member of your party has a DUI or a felony on their record or if there is any question of legal ability to cross the border we recommend you visit the tourism website at www.CanadaWelcomesYou.net or call us for assistance.
  2. Conservation Fishing License
  3. Liquor and Mixers (optional): It has now become mandatory for us to furnish your bottled water, soft drinks and beer due to weight limits on the float plane. We will need your drink order at least 30 days prior to your arrival. You may bring small quantities of your own liquor and mixers in plastic bottles if possible, or we can also provide this for you as well. What we pay for your beverages is what you will pay. We want to avoid extra float plane trips and extra expense! We will be happy to discuss this with you to make sure we stay within weight regulations. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years old. When crossing the Canadian border, you are allowed one 40-ounce bottle of liquor (or one case of beer) per person of age without paying duty.
  4. Live Bait: Minnows are the bait of choice and work extremely well. Leaches and night crawlers also work well. We must have your bait order in advance so that it can be flown in ahead of time or be waiting at the float plane base for your scheduled arrival time. Bait is not part of your package and will be charged to you. Guests are also welcome to bring their own bait. Leaches cannot be transported across the Canadian border and night crawlers must be packaged in artificial bedding. Minnows should be purchased near Red Lake due to the short lifespan of minnows in plastic containers.
  5. Tobacco Products: You are allowed one carton of cigarettes per person of age when crossing the Canadian border.
  6. Fishing Tackle: Guests should bring their own fishing tackle. We have a limited amount of tackle available for sale. See our web page on Fishing Gear to make sure you have the proper tackle. We also want to stress the importance of weight restrictions on float planes pertaining to your gear. Please don’t bring heavy tackle boxes and take out the tackle you will not need prior to leaving home.
  7. Fishing Rods and Reels: Two rods and two reels are adequate for most fishermen. Rods should not be packed in heavy rod cases, and hooks should be removed before leaving home.
  8. Fish Finders/Depth Finders with extra batteries
  9. Cold Weather Gear: Especially for late May through mid-June and late August thru September.
  10. Wet Weather Gear: The difference between a good trip and a great trip can be as simple as the proper rain gear. We can never be certain of the weather conditions, and a good quality rain suit and waterproof boots will insure that you will stay dry and comfortable.
  11. Gloves
  12. Sunscreen and sun hats
  13. Coolers: We have coolers for the boats but you should bring a cooler if you plan to take fish home.
  14. Swimming gear
  15. Special dietary needs
  16. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter pain killers
  17. Snacks
  18. Reading material
  19. Flashlight with extra batteries
  20. Several changes of clothes: We do have a washing machine and clothes line so that you can pack light.
  21. Camera with extra memory cards
  22. Two-way radios to stay in touch with the rest of your group
  23. Pliers
  24. Insect repellent


Outpost Camp guests will also need to bring groceries, sleeping bags, pillows, and bath towels.

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