Latreille Lake and the surrounding area are sure to delight all wildlife enthusiasts! On any given day of fishing or hiking you will be amazed at the bounty that this unspoiled land supports. Eagles, hawks, and waterfowl of many types make their home here in the Canadian wilderness during the warmer months. Black bear, moose, wolves, and caribou also roam free in these still forests. Bring extra memory cards!

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Trail development began in 1994, and guests of the Latreille Lake Main Lodge / Cabin now enjoy nearly a mile of footpath. It is accessible directly from the Lodge and makes its way around the shore of Latreille Lake. This allows the guests an aerobic opportunity to view the old growth forest with its jack pines, spruce, birch, varied color mosses, animals, mushrooms, and berries.

Other Activities

Canoeing and kayaking, swimming, darts, horseshoes, ping pong, card games, reading, napping, and star gazing are a few of the other activities enjoyed at Latreille Lake Lodge. The stars are much brighter in the wilderness, and you can actually spot satellites moving across the night skies. We also have a TV/DVD player along with a wide selection of movies at the Main Lodge. You are also welcome to bring your own movies with you.

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