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Fishing Gear

our boats availble at the LodgeEquipment Provided

Latreille Lake Lodge is equipped with 16' Misty River boats and dependable late model 9.9 hp Yamaha outboard motors for American Plan guests of the cabin. Our Outpost Camps are equipped with new 14' Naden boats and late model 8 hp Yamaha motors. Bait and tackle is not included under our plans but can be provided.

Fishing Gear To Bring

our boats available at the Outpost CampsFishing gear does not need to be heavy-duty. We recommend 8-10 lb. test line for Walleye and Perch, and 12-20 lb. test line with steel leaders for Northern Pike. Tackle for Walleyes should consist of 1/8 or 1/4 oz. lead jigs in light colors with twisters and Little Joes for trolling. Bring spoons and crank baits for Northerns - they will hit just about anything! We will be happy to assist with more specific information - just contact us.

Fly Fishing Gear To Bring

Fly rods can be even more exciting when fishing for Northerns. Guests should bring an 8 or 9 weight rod. Flies most often used are bass bugs and saltwater lures, both surface and subsurface, in hook sized 2 to 2/0. Due to the habitat of Northern Pike you will want to use weedless lures whenever possible. The most effective colors are chartreuse, yellow, orange, and red or combinations of these colors with black or white. Some fly companies tie a Pike fly which you may wish to purchase or duplicate. Here are some Successful patterns: Dahlberg’s Diving Minnows, Rabbit Strip Divers, and Mega Divers; Whitlock’s Redheads and Hare Jigs; Umpqua’s Swimming Baitfish; Barr’s Bouface; Blanton’s Whistler; Fernandez’ Bend Backs and Seaducers; Lefty’s Deceivers. Bring braided wire and sleeves to use as Shock leader, preferably 20# to 30#. Big Northerns will regularly cut through lesser test material. Northern Pike are not leader shy so leaders over 9” are not necessary. As for lines, bring both floating and sinking lines. There is also a floating shooting head that you should have in your arsenal as well. If you are unfamiliar with shooting heads, talk to your local fly shop. Full lines, both floating and sinking, or sink tip lines, also work very well. If you use a full line, you will want to go with a bass taper or preferably a saltwater taper due to the size of the lures and the wind factor. As for reels, any good reel with a smooth disc drag and exposed rim for added palming will work fine. Remember, for fishing trips to remote areas, it is always good to bring a back-up rod, reel and spare spools.


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