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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you accommodate small planes?

There is a 4000 foot paved strip airport in Ear Falls, Ontario and a 5000 foot paved airport in neighboring Red Lake, Ontario.

What is there to do besides fishing?

Other activities include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, horseshoes, darts, reading, napping, bird and animal watching, watching satellites move across the night sky, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Where is Latreille Lake Lodge?

Latreille Lake Lodge is located 54 miles northeast of Ear Falls, Ontario and 65 miles east of Red Lake, Ontario. Latreille Lake Lodge is accessible only by float plane and is the only permanent facility on the four lakes: Latreille, Margaret, Marsh and Allison. See location maps.

What about medical problems?

Persons with serious medical problems SHOULD NOT come to Latreille Lake Lodge. Latreille Lake is in a very remote region of Northwest Ontario. An emergency under ideal weather conditions may take several hours for rescue to be fully implemented. Latreille Lake Lodge does not have any trained medical personnel or medical facilities. In addition, because Latreille Lake Lodge is accessible only by float plane or helicopter, emergency medical attention may not be available during foul weather or after dark as all aircraft that come to Latreille Lake fly with VISUAL FLIGHT RULES ONLY.

What about transportation?

All advertised prices are based on chartered float planes originating from Red Lake, Ontario. Float plane flights originating from points other than Red Lake are available at an extra charge. Click here for more info about transportation.

Are firearms permitted?

Firearms are not permitted at Latreille Lake Lodge with the exception of hunting season. Handguns are not permitted in Ontario.

What about insects?

Mosquitos are virtually non existent during the day on the open waters and open areas around the lodge. The closer you come in contact with shaded areas and trees during the day, the more likely you will come in contact with insects. Black flies are most active in late May and early June. We encourage you to bring some form of insect repellent. Skin-So-Soft works well. We provide mosquito coils for the lodge and cabin to keep insects at a minimum during the evening hours.

What is a Conservation License?

Latreille Lake Lodge has voluntarily adopted the use of conservation fishing licenses. This license permits guests to take only those fish that they will consume during their stay. The program is intended to return larger and more fertile fish back to the waters that will in turn produce more fingerlings to the lake. This catch-and-release method results in more and larger fish. We prefer that guests do not take fish home, but this policy is not mandatory. A fresh walleye tastes much better than a frozen walleye. There will be plenty to eat during your stay!

In order for this program to work effectively, fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible. Anglers must practice good handling techniques to minimize injury and stress to the fish. It is important to take pictures quickly and return the fish back to the water.

Do I need to bring my passport?

Yes. Beginning June 1, 2009 passports will be required to re-enter the United States. More information is available from the Department of Homeland Security at Additionally, if a member of your party has a DUI or a felony on their record or if there is any question of legal ability to cross the border we recommend you visit the tourism website at or call us for assistance.


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